Focus area
Projects and Programmes
Women transforming cities

WTC works to ensure political commitment to addressing and removing barriers that many women face in accessing essential services, providing advice on advocacy and political awareness raising.

Courses / trainings
Intercultural Communication

This course aims at helping to cutlivate awarenss of one's own and others identities, to highlight some notable variaitons in communicaitons styles and cultural values and to better understand cross-cultural complexity.

Centre for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT)

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT) provides accurate translations to and from Arabic, English, and French, undertakes a number of research projects focusing on contemporary social and political developments in the Middle East and communal relations within the Arab World and between the Arab World and the West and hosts the Arab West Report database.

A Comparative Study on Global Citizenship Education between Korea and ASEAN

The publication summarizes the outcomes of the comparative study of the global citizenship education in Korea and ASEAN. It provides an analysis of the current situation of global citizenship education in Indonesia and Thailand and identifies the directions for global citizenship education to be mutually implemented in Korea and ASEAN on the basis of revealed distinctiveness of students’ global citizenship

Third Collection of Good Practices: Intercultural Dialogue in Support of Quality Education

The good practices in favour of intercultural dialogue shared in this collection shed valuable light on the capacity, effectiveness and strength of schools around the world to contribute to the development and pursuit of intercultural dialogue. The majority of the experiences shared took place in UNESCO Associated Schools, which frequently faced the common problems of lack of resources, heavy workloads for teachers and limited time for innovation and experimentation.

Courses / trainings
The Cultural Diversity Lens: A practical Tool to Integrate culture in Development. Pedagogical guide

The Lens was designed to create awareness of cultural dimensions, issues, and factors in development programmes. It proposes an analytical framework with questions in five thematic areas (Context of the programme, Diversity of perspectives, Access and participation, Cultural heritage, Economics of culture and creativity), providing a step-by-step method for analyzing programmes in the light of cultural diversity.

Projects and Programmes
Crossing border education

Crossing Borders Education sponsors and helps to create intercultural resources, films, and travel programs that empower individuals to view the world from multiple perspectives.

Education for Intercultural Understanding. Best Practice Series

Numerous resources collected since 2006 in cooperation with UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region can be used to encourage educators, scholars and activists to implement and share local educational initiatives on intercultural understanding.

From Words to Actions

A portfolio which serves as a basic tool for capacity building in support of exchange, communication and cooperation beyond cultural, religious and national borders, allowing the emergence of a global citizenship in a safer world for all. The portfolio consists of a set of key resources - papers by international experts - exploring the linkage between respect for cultural diversity and human rights.

Projects and Programmes
Ottowa Local Immigration Partnership

The Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) is a multi-sectoral partnership involving 60 local organizations working on a shared vision and common priorities designed to build local capacity to attract, settle, and integrate immigrants. This website includes a section on best resources.