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Social Networks, Belonging & Active Citizenship Among Migrant Youth in Australia

This report presents research findings from an ARC Linkage Project ‘Social Networks, Belonging and Active Citizenship Among Migrant Youth in Melbourne and Brisbane’, conducted between 2009 -2013 (LP0989182). This research used quantitative methods in the form of questionnaires, and qualitative/mixed methods in the form of semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions with young people
(15-23 years old) from African, Arabic-speaking and Pacific Island backgrounds.

Tariq Modood on religion as a key dimension of cultural diversity

In our interview, Professor Tariq Modood from the University of Bristol emphasizes the significance of religion for current debates on cultural diversity and discusses how we can shape the coexistence of religious and secular identities in society together.

The German population is becoming more tolerant of diversity, but polarization is increasing

This study explored two studies of different attitudes towards diversity in Germany. 

In English and German. 

Living in cultural diversity: Samen Inburgeren

The Samen Inburgeren project advances the experiences of living together in diversity by bringing together local long-term residents with newcomers with non-Belgian origins. The project works with an open concept of “newcomer” in which everyone, regardless of background, whether they’ve come to Belgium for work, as a refugee or Erasmus student, is welcome to participate in exchange and help build new friendships.

In English and German. 

Diversity instead of Exclusion: Where is German society headed with the migration and refugee debate?'

In this publication, we explore the risks and opportunities associated with the influx of refugees and ask how we can successfully ensure diversity and inclusiveness in German society.

In English and German. 

Intercultural policy in times of crisis: theory and practice in the case of Turin, Italy

In this article they analyse how interculturalism, intended as a new paradigm of immigrant integration policies, has been taking shape in an Italian city, Turin, in the context of the current economic crisis. We argue for the necessity of going beyond official statements on intercultural policy by undertaking a comparative analysis of policy practices in three Neighbourhood Houses (NHs, Case del quartiere), which are defined by the Municipality as open and intercultural spaces in which associations and citizens can develop activities aimed at expressing different cultural backgrounds, fostering participation and supporting social inclusion. The study shows how the three NHs pursue different approaches social, cultural or more political to interculturalism, somewhat reflecting the social and structural context in which the three NHs were established, as well as problem definitions and policy frames of the founding organisations.

What Is Intercultural Sustainability? A First Exploration of Linkages Between Culture and Sustainability in Intercultural Research

This article is out to encourage a future debate on the potential as well as on the pitfalls of the notion of intercultural sustainability by providing a rapid appraisal of to-date uses of the term sustainability in connection with aspects of intercultural  communication and intercultural relations.

How people of color experience living in Germany

A video exploring the experience of people of colour living in Germany.

Projects and Programmes
Le dialogue interculturel et le rôle des écrivains dans la promotion de la diversité

Ce texte souligne l'importance du rôle des écrivains et de la littérature dans la promotion de la diversité.

Courses / trainings

The symposium is a collaboration between three diverse Italian migration organisations - a welfare and cultural agency, a tertiary institute and a museum - each deeply connected with the community, institutions and culture of a cosmopolitan city which is also iconic of the Italian migrant and diasporic experience.

The Symposium - the first international conference of its kind - brings together researchers and practitioners from Australia, the United States, Italy and other locations to explore the vicissitudes of Italians and Italian identity in the transcultural spaces defined by mobility.