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Refugee Food Festival

The Refugee Food Festival is an itinerant project led by citizens and founded by the Food Sweet Food association with the support of the UN High Committee for Refugees (UNHCR). The idea of the festival is for restaurants to open and entrust their kitchens to refugee chefs, to share tasty and united moments.

Beyond the annual festival, we are developing activities that support the professional integration of the festival’s cooks: catering services, culinary events, cooking shows, cooking workshops, conferences and testimonials.

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Development and Cultural Diversity for Reduction of Poverty and Social Inclusion

The Programme promotes the revaluation of culture, inclusion and intercultural dialogue as a means to reduce this discrimination and to break the cycle of poverty affecting these groups. 

400 good practices relating to intercultural dialogue

In 2015, in light of the unprecedented numbers of refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the EU, national culture ministers agreed to create a new policy coordination group on intercultural dialogue, focusing on the integration of migrants and refugees in societies through the arts and culture. This report includes among over 400 good practices relating to intercultural dialogue, cultural activities and diversity.

Projects and Programmes

For 12 long months, young people learned to do things differently, in a sustainable and efficient way. Training sessions in life skills, entrepreneurship, coaching sessions, educational expeditions and retreats were the menu of their learning.


Activist toolkit: 2017 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

The action kit contains information about Gender-Based Violence in education as well as suggested actions to take during the 2017 16 Days Campaign. The action kit will help you understand the issues and challenges faced in addressing and ending GBV in education and how together we can make a difference.

Labour migration in the Asia-Pacific region

Jay Song of the Lowy Institute has published a paper examining the nature of Labour Migration in Asia-Pacific region and its relationship to pathways for people seeking asylum. The paper aims to identify ways in which countries can extend legal labour-based schemes to refugees and people seeking asylum, who might otherwise be at risk from people smugglers and human traffickers.


Context Matters: An Ethiopian Case Study Adapting Leadership Development Methods to Serve Different Cultures

This paper elaborates how to contextualize leadership development tools and practices for an African audience, focusing specifically on a case study of LBB work with healthcare leaders working in remote areas of western Ethiopia.

Projects and Programmes
Crafting for change: building sustainable development through traditional savoir-faire

‘Crafting for Change’ is a project that supports the crafting practice in order to develop it in a sustainable way, not only among the communities that have inherited the savoir-faire but also among young design students. The initiative encourages the dialogue between the Design students of Sorbonne and marginalized populations in Argentina, with the aim of delivering marketable products by working together.

Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue

In 2014 the Center for Intercultural Dialogue began publishing Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, available as free PDFs.

There are currently 90 concepts published, with translations into over 2 dozen languages.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue Posters

CID Posters visually present concepts or quotes related to intercultural dialogue, so that they may quickly be understood.

These are available free as PDFs, and may be printed and shared so long as the source is acknowledged.