Focus area

This website publishes articles on gender and migration in the African context.

Citizenship in the Arab World MOOC

A MOOC exploring contemporary Arab citizenship, looking into comparative historical perspectives of the various interconnected theories, concepts, institutions and citizenship applications. It also discusses the relationship of the human rights of citizenship, and explores a variety of topics and issues, including civil society, education, youth, gender, minorities, immigrants and refugees

Education for Intercultural Understanding. Best Practice Series

Numerous resources collected since 2006 in cooperation with UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region can be used to encourage educators, scholars and activists to implement and share local educational initiatives on intercultural understanding.

Courses / trainings
Intercultural Dialogue for the Management of Territorial Conflicts

This MOOC will address different theoretical-practical concepts, methodological tools and experiences on cultural diversity, multiculturalism, interculturality, territorial conflicts and conflict management.

Courses / trainings
Compass: Manual for Human Rights Education with Young People

This is a manual for human rights education with young people. Further material available on the website.

Projects and Programmes
Ottowa Local Immigration Partnership

The Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) is a multi-sectoral partnership involving 60 local organizations working on a shared vision and common priorities designed to build local capacity to attract, settle, and integrate immigrants. This website includes a section on best resources.

Music In Africa

Music In Africa is an information and exchange web portal dedicated to the African music sector. It aims to contribute towards improved collaboration among artists on an international level, as well as to enhance awareness of African music scenes.

Learning to Live Together: Education for Conflict Resolution, Responsible Citizenship, Human Rights and Humanitarian Norms

This book shows that transformative education for conflict resolution and peace, for local, national and global citizenship, for human rights and humanitarian values CAN be implemented even under difficult conditions if there is a policy commitment to do so. Authors have provided examples and lessons learned from their own experiences as eminent practitioners in the field

Network of ancestral knowledge

This platform regroups publications on art, economics, architecture, etc., with a focus on indigenous populations in Latin America.

Video inside the villages

The objective of the Video nas Aldeias is to support the struggles of indigenous peoples to strengthen their identities and their territorial and cultural heritage, through audiovisual resources.