Focus area
Context Matters: An Ethiopian Case Study Adapting Leadership Development Methods to Serve Different Cultures

This paper elaborates how to contextualize leadership development tools and practices for an African audience, focusing specifically on a case study of LBB work with healthcare leaders working in remote areas of western Ethiopia.

Projects and Programmes
The Impact of Language in a globalised world

A series of events and articles about language and words in relation to globalisation.

La pedagogia interculturale in Italia: questioni epistemologiche

The growing cultural diversity in modern society risks causing conflict and segregation. Intercultural pedagogy aims at achieving a lack of fear towards cultural confrontation and dialogue with others, but to embrace it. This publication outlines the debate in Italy on intercultural pedagogy, meant not as a distinct sector of pedagogical knowledge, but as a new and enriching point of view on the study of the education of society. This education is now happening in a much more multiethnic and multicultural setting.

Projects and Programmes
Le dialogue interculturel et le rôle des écrivains dans la promotion de la diversité

Ce texte souligne l'importance du rôle des écrivains et de la littérature dans la promotion de la diversité.

Museums as places for intercultural dialogue: selected practices from Europe

For many years now, scholars, museologists, and members of source communities have been debating the contemporary relevancy of ethnographic collections and their appropriate use given their nineteenth century origins and association with Western colonialism. In the thirty pilot projects carried out in the framework of MAP for ID ... many innovative and unconventional ways participants are breathing new life into these and other types of collections and museums.

MAP for ID’s focus on working with immigrant and minority communities to facilitate more harmonious and just integration addresses a question of great social concern not only within European societies but also in the United States.

That is: How do we go beyond being multicultural societies to being ‘intercultural societies where a plurality of cultures cooperates in dialogue and in shared responsibility.

MAP for ID exemplifies the ongoing trend within the international museum community to democratize museums and make them more accessible to wider audiences, socially relevant, and responsive to their publics’ changing needs and interests. The initiative underscores the International Council of Museums’ definition of a museum as an institution ‘in the service of society and its development.’ It is one thing, however, to accept this axiom and quite another to put it into actual practice. The MAP for ID projects provide us with concrete models of how to utilise the many resources of museums, artistic and cultural organisations to serve contemporary social needs and interests.

Courses / trainings

WorldVuze is a map-based question and answer education platform where elementary and secondary students around the world can learn directly from each other.

Courses / trainings
Intercultural Activity Toolkit: Culture Busters

A series of dialogues designed for an international student orientation program introducing foreigners to US cultural situations.

Projects and Programmes
Academie du langage (ACALAN) de Bamako

ACALAN provides resources to serve as a catalyst in revolutionizing the teaching and appriciation of African languages, highlighting current approaches undertaken, the strategies to be adopted, and the ultimate goals and objectives of language sharing.

Centre for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT)

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT) provides accurate translations to and from Arabic, English, and French, undertakes a number of research projects focusing on contemporary social and political developments in the Middle East and communal relations within the Arab World and between the Arab World and the West and hosts the Arab West Report database.

Courses / trainings
Intercultural Communication Resource Package

This Resource Pack is meant to be a practical toolkit for youth work in the context of intercultural communication. It contains a set of tools and methods for youth activities, some personal insights of other youth workers involved in intercultural communication projects as well as theoretical inputs and references for further work in this area. Further material avaiable on the website