Focus area
Activist toolkit: 2017 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

The action kit contains information about Gender-Based Violence in education as well as suggested actions to take during the 2017 16 Days Campaign. The action kit will help you understand the issues and challenges faced in addressing and ending GBV in education and how together we can make a difference.

Labour migration in the Asia-Pacific region

Jay Song of the Lowy Institute has published a paper examining the nature of Labour Migration in Asia-Pacific region and its relationship to pathways for people seeking asylum. The paper aims to identify ways in which countries can extend legal labour-based schemes to refugees and people seeking asylum, who might otherwise be at risk from people smugglers and human traffickers.


Context Matters: An Ethiopian Case Study Adapting Leadership Development Methods to Serve Different Cultures

This paper elaborates how to contextualize leadership development tools and practices for an African audience, focusing specifically on a case study of LBB work with healthcare leaders working in remote areas of western Ethiopia.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue Posters

CID Posters visually present concepts or quotes related to intercultural dialogue, so that they may quickly be understood.

These are available free as PDFs, and may be printed and shared so long as the source is acknowledged.

Constructing Intercultural Dialogues

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue publishes Constructing Intercultural Dialogues.

These provide concrete examples of how actual people have managed to organize and hold intercultural dialogues, so that others may be inspired to do the same.

Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue

In 2014 the Center for Intercultural Dialogue began publishing Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, available as free PDFs.

There are currently 90 concepts published, with translations into over 2 dozen languages.

Projects and Programmes
Getting the word out: Effective health outreach to cultural communities

Getting the Word Out is a guide to effective outreach for health organizations. In particular, this guide is intended for patient support organizations that would like to make their information, referral, support and advocacy services more accessible to people from a variety of cultural communities.

Projects and Programmes
Learning Plans

Learning Plans reflect backward design, combining the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards, Common Core-aligned literacy strategies and student performance tasks with windows-and-mirrors texts from the Perspectives library. The result is a comprehensive literacy-based plan that is both rigorous and relevant.

A Cultural Competence Guide for Primary Health Care Professionals in Nova Scotia

This guide includes tools and resources to assist primary health care professionals in providing culturally competent health care. Culture is a broad term used in reference to a wide variety of groups. In order to respectfully and effectively address health needs and issues related to race, ethnicity and language, the focus of this guide is on these elements of culture.

Videos on how to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate medical care

These videos include guides on how to work with an interpreter and how to approach cultural and religious differences with patients.