Intercultural competences: a diversity of challenges for networks of trainers

Who leads this initiative of intercultural dialogue ?

The Swiss national organisation of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training And Research (SIETAR). SIETAR Switzerland manages a community of over a hundred corporate and individual members including universities, NGOs, intercultural trainers, coaches and academics. Each member has a specific expertise to provide tailored trainings in a variety of contexts / challenges, where specific knowledge of cultural codes and intercultural competences are key for successful outcomes. 

What is this good practice about ?

SIETAR Switzerland organizes a regular program of training sessions, webinars and conferences, tackling a great diversity of topics where intercultural dialogue is central. From a discussion focused on the management of religious diversity at work to the presentation of innovative tools to update a practitioner’s set of methodologies, this page of events provides both experts and the general public a great source of capacity-building activities as well as a dynamic hub of knowledge exchange.

How does this stakeholder contribute to intercultural dialogue?

SIETAR Switzerland equips a variety of audiences with intercultural competences. Some examples: collaborating with managers to develop their cultural intelligence and help them better manage cultural diversity in the workplace; working with professionals who conduct mentorship programs with refugees, to facilitate a mutual engagement; embedding intercultural competences in students to prepare them for global professional roles and to be responsible global citizens; preparing individuals for a diplomatic career or in international co-operation

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