Doing Diversity: Intercultural Understanding in Primary and Secondary Schools

Australia is one of the most multicultural societies in the world and developing school students’ intercultural capabilities is a priority for schooling embedded in the National Education Goals for Young Australians, known as the Melbourne Declaration (MEETYA, 2008).

The Doing Diversity project involved intensive work in 12 diverse profile schools in Melbourne, Australia, that examined the facilitators and impediments to the intercultural capabilities described in the Victorian and Australian curricula for students and schools.

Lead author: Christine Halse | Full Research Team: F. Mansouri, J. Moss, Y. Paradies, J. O’Mara, R. Arber, N. Denson, C. Arrowsmith, N. Priest, C. Charles, A. Cloonan, B. Fox, C. Hartung, C. Mahoney, S. Ohi, G. Ovenden, G. Shaw, L. Wright
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