ArtImpact 2030: connect & act

Event date: 22 Nov 2018

'The more diverse the World is, the richer it is. And the closer it resambles paradise, where different things can coexist.' Hundertwasser

How can arts and intercultural mediation support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through international cooperation within the field of Cultural Diplomacy? To which eco-social approaches from the international Artist and Activist Hundertwasser can contemporary artst and intercultural mediators link in the current debates and developments within the sustainability discourses?

Join this inspiring event organized by the ACD - Agency for Cultural Diplomacy (Agentur für Kulturdiplomatie), led by its President Tatjana Christelbauer!

Gathering a great variety of stakeholders (artists, cultural mediators,cultural diplomats, representatives from international scientific and research institutes, ambassadors, media
representatives, philosophers, designers, social entrepreneurs) to tackle innovative solutions involving arts and intercultural mediation to build peaceful societies, working on the achievement of the SDGs!

More information and registration on the official website!