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If we can't don't our remote and rural areas youth students English language development how to possible SDG"GOALS?

My name is kaysan islam,from sylhet/bangladesh,I'm business man also individual social worker.I'm always try to do something for our remote and rural areas people's.anyway Let's come to point: how to we hope SDG"VISION AND GOALS" where much youth students globally out of facilities, maybe I'm right or wrong that's not point,point is: in my local division  of sylhet.our remote and rural areas majority youth students out of exploring facilities, because  still now no any nonprofit organizations and international organizations work for our remote and rural areas youth students developed program, campaign,we can't provide they're exploring opportunity, so 1st need to work for our youth students  English language developed & ,then we can hope our vision.our minority youth students who staying central/city/town areas, get the exploring facilities, because all of international organizations office is centralized, as examples, in my division sylhet only one American library center, & one of british council wings, they provide few students, who staying city/town& they get all of facilities as like as English language club,library, & other's programs, how to exploring they're self.& our remote and rural areas youth students out of all facilities, they don't know about of lot of international program, as like as what is youth  students alumni program, how to get scholarship,internship program, why campaign for globally change ,etc etc etc.they don't know about of climate change,how to way contributi for  globally change. Because of INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE" our remote and rural areas staying lot of telnet,but they known very poor much English, so I think if we start to work for our remote and rural areas youth students English language developed program also start campaign for how get  to exploring they're self,  etc etc,and if  we can provide International organizations  central& city's facilities give to  for our remote and rural areas youth students ,hopefully they will do  something for they're self ,family,socially,also They will be make platform  our globally goals.& then we can hope the better world.& get the our globally goals.I'm just telling my localy youth students but we need to thinking globally remote and rural areas youth students.anyway if you make any plans for our remote and rural areas youth students developed, I'm very much interested volunteers work with your organization for our local, if you get involved me for volunteer work also interested start to small changet organization office for campaign, fundraising,  etc. etc.  I'm feeing very much grateful,I'm waiting your soft response.

kind regards
kaysan islam
contact number:+8801711401741

Note: if my sending massage making disturbing and I'm using any mistakes sentence or words,I'm extremely sorry for that&,if you can forgive me.

Expert 15 May 2018 22:26

Kaysan Islam

If I understood your  concern is the development of remote rural areas and provide the young people with linguistic skills in English, as a researcher this topic seems to me very pertinent and worthy of attention. I believe that you should contact the UNESCO general secretariat in order to develop partnerships for the education programms of these young people.  My role is only as a researcher in this group and I do not have an operational role. However our dialogue gets registered and I hope someone with power and conditions can support you in your request.
Best wishes. Helena Rocha