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defining social inclusion for people with disabilities

“ How helpful are notions of social exclusion and inclusion in understanding the problems that people with disability face?  What measures do we  need to stop this understanding from serving merely as a constraint on policy makers”
Expert 31 Aug 2017 12:23
The idea of social inclusion has been misreported as something that means anything one pleases.  It is actually based on a distinctive, fully developed social model.  See e.g. my piece Exclusion and rights, in L Williams, A Kjonstad, Law and poverty, London: Zed, 2003 - available online (click on the link) or via my open access page at

Paul Spicker 
Expert 04 Sep 2017 12:15
People with disabilities is a vulnerable group with more needs in some areas, for instance health care. At the same time they are often constrained in their capacity to access social services or participate in the labour market, either because of their disability or as a result of discrimination. The social inclusion paradigm can help identify where problems are likely to occur and tailor appropriate policy responses.
As to the second part of the question ("this understanding serving merely as a constraint on policy makers"), I am not sure precisely what you have in mind.