World Inequality Report 2022


The World Inequality Report 2022 is an up-to-date account of global trends in inequality.


The report is based on –  the most extensive database on the historical evolution of income and wealth distribution. Researched, compiled, and written by a team of leading economists of inequality, the Report seeks to fill a democratic gap and to equip actors of society with the necessary facts to engage in informed public debates on the subject matter. Key messages of the report include:

  • MENA is the most unequal region in the world, Europe has the lowest inequality levels;
  • Nations have become richer, but governments have become poor, when we take a look at the gap between the net wealth of governments and net wealth of the private and public sectors;
  • Wealth inequalities have increased at the very top of the distribution. The rise in private wealth has also been unequal within countries and at the world level. Global multimillionaires have captured a disproportionate share of global wealth growth over the past several decades: the top 1% took 38% of all additional wealth accumulated since the mid-1990s, whereas the bottom 50% captured just 2% of it;
  • Gender inequalities remain considerable at the global level, and progress within countries is too slow;
  • Ecological inequality: our data shows that these inequalities are not just a rich vs. poor country issue, but rather a high emitters vs low emitters issue within all countries.

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