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Paddle together towards Banjarmasin Inclusive City

This short documentary is produced by UNESCO and the Indonesian NGO Kota Kita as part of a participatory data collection initiative to build a profile of Banjarmasin as an Inclusive City. This documentary witnesses interviews with various people with disabilities in Banjarmasin describing the experiences, daily life, challenges and aspirations.

World Bank Econothon: Focus on Latin America

This is the special segment on Latin America and the Caribbean from the World Bank's Econothon, the world’s first continuous 24-hour economics marathon to discuss, debate and draw attention to some of the most important development issues of our time. It touches upon issues of inequality, poverty reduction and building shared prosperity.

The original spanish version can be found here.

Participatory data on disabilities for inclusive policies in Indonesia

Municipal actors in Indonesia harness participatory data on disability for inclusive policies. The data on disability available from official sources is scarce and often outdated to be effective in planning and policy-making. In fact, no universal database regarding persons with disabilities exists in Indonesia, with figures varying across ministries and agencies. In addition, such data is often aggregated at the national level, making it difficult for municipal policymakers to make use of it for local policy design.

The staggering costs of exclusion

This video highlights the societal and individual costs of exclusion. 

What are Inclusive Policy Markers?

This video explains what the Inclusive Policy Markers are and how they could be used for/in inclusive development.

Why do inequalities matter?

The world is converging around high levels of inequalities. Theit current levels and progression are not sustainable. The video focuses on why and how we should act on them.

Inclusion through Quality Physical Education

Quality Physical Education (QPE) represents active, inclusive, peer-led learning. A tailored QPE programme supports students to develop the physical, social and emotional skills which define self-confident and socially responsible citizens. #Active4life #QPE4life