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Generating some discussion

Hello everyone

Let me apologise for being very slow off the mark with this. I have been locked out of the account for a while and just got around to fixing it. There is quite a bit of interest in this topic and seems like it would be a good time to start some discussion.

We have done some interesting work at UNESCO this last year and I will share a document showing some of the discussions we have had with young people. We very much want to develop pathways for youth to express their aspirations and implement their ideas. We have quite a few shortcomings in doing this, and this seems to be common to many other actors trying to support youth. I think this lends itseld to some excellent discussion topics.

1. How can we better support young people as development actors? Youth health and well-being is something that young people can influence through their individual and collective efforts, but many (most?) youth initiatives struggle in key areas such as continuity, connection and impact. To really support youth we need to address our efforts that set up the ebnabling environment to supply these. Any thoughts?

2. What case studies do we have of young peoples' efforts to address youth health and well-being? Are youth able to make a real and long-lasting impact? Are these ideas able to bereplicated and up-scaled?

Please add your questions.