Youth Evaluation

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Are the contributions of interns, volunteers and youth working in the UN considered as youth participation?

I am looking through UNESCO's rankings used to classify the "level of youth particpation." We use 4 levels:

  1. Youth consulted: The views and concerns of youth are collected and contribute to the planning and implementation of youth-relevant initiatives. Initiated and managed by UNESCO, young women and men contribute ideas and perspectives, which influence but have no control over outcomes.
  2. Youth contributing: Youth contribute to the planning, implementation or follow-up for a specific initiative or task in a limited role. Initiated and managed by UNESCO, collaboration enables youth to influence outcomes and to take self-directed action once a project is underway.
  3. Youth as partners: Active partnership with youth during all stages of strategic decision-making, initiative planning or program implementation and evaluation. Initiated by UNESCO, a partnership with youth empowers them to influence, challenge and engage with both the process and outcome of an area of work.
  4. Youth as leaders: Youth are in control and provided with the opportunity to initiate action for themselves, on behalf of UNESCO.  Youth identify the issues of concern and control the process. UNESCO adopts the role of facilitator, enabling youth to pursue their objectives, through the provision of information, advice and support.

The system encourages the employment of young people within UNESCO to work on youth projects, but how then do we classify the engagement?