Sexuality as a subject within practice and education

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EASSW-UNAFORIS 2017 European Conference Sexuality as a subject within practice and education


The role of social workers is to offer support and services to those who are in need. “They help individuals, families and members of groups and communities restore their capabilities to function in society”. Social workers are familiar with subjects such as health, education, finance and day care. Another important theme is sexuality. This is a very significant part of people’s lives and identity but also a very largely taboo subject within practice and education. Alongside, a lot of social workers are not sure how to approach this in a client conversation. There is embarrassment to act.


Pretty Woman also offers prevention and supports other social workers to talk about sexuality. Our mission is not only to talk about the bad experiences but also the positive side of sexuality. About healthy relationships and sexual identity.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Health and wellbeing, Social policy
Created: 09 Jun 2017
Latest update: 13 Jun 2017

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