Resistencia Modulada, Cultural Resistance Youth Radio

Project holder:

National Autonomous University of Mexico



Implementation year:


Artistic focus:


Brief project description

Resistencia Modulada involves implementing a cultural and nightly radio programme with emerging and confirmed Mexican artists. The IFPC-funded components of this project focus on generating and developing topics related to music, literature, film, emerging technologies, education and the environment in order to create the content of the broadcasts. The radio programme will interview approximately 30 independent Mexican artists and will invite them to perform at the radio station. The programme will also cover approximately 10 cultural festivals and concerts in the Mexico City metropolitan area. Articles on current cultural and artistic expressions will also be posted weekly to the radio programme’s website.
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Objectives and expected results

The objectives of this project are to support young artists and promote peace, social stability and cultural diversity through creating dialogue among artists, students and academics. Through promoting young talents from Mexico in the fields of music, literature and film, Resistencia Modulada strengthens the artists’ visibility and opens up opportunities for international cooperation.