Huacas, burbujas y rock n’ roll

Project holder: 

Sandra Salcedo Arnaiz

Country of implementation: 


Implementation year:


Type of project:

Performing arts

Brief project description

Huacas,  Burbujas & Rock ‘N Roll consisted of presenting a circus-like show at 13 huacas (historical and cultural monuments) in Metropolitan Lima in order to celebrate the unique role of huacas in Peruvian life.  Combining music, juggling, the performing arts and bubble blowing, Huacas, Burbujas & Rock ‘N Roll gave both the artists and the public an opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to the huacas, one of the most symbolic elements of Peru’s history, through music and performance. During the performances – all free of charge – the artists presented the symbolic value of the site, its meaning and relevance in building the identity of the local community and of the country as a whole.

Objectives and expected results

Promoting innovation and creativity, the project involved Andean music, rock and roll, circus arts, bubble blowing and theater and sought to raise awareness among the authorities and the general public about the huacas, their ancient history and value as truly unique public spaces linking the past to the present.

About the beneficiaries

Of the 4,500 spectators who attended performances of Huacas, Burbujas & Rock ‘N Roll, many were residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods and approximately half of all spectators had never attended a cultural activity outside of school. For some municipalities, this was the first time that their huaca had been used for an organized activity. Huacas, Burbujas & Rock ‘N Roll succeeded in cultivating interest and reflection on what huacas mean as public spaces for the community as a whole, as illustrated by the presence of entire families and numerous children and youth at the 13 performances.


 “This is the first time that I am participating in a proposal that encompasses different artistic manifestations in such an effective manner, not only as a means for entertainment, but as a way to bring together people with an artistic project that seeks to create awareness…” Estefania Aliaga – bassist and back-up singer

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