Flaneur: a fresh photographic look about urban culture nowadays

Project holder: 

Procur Arte History Association

Country of implementation: 

Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy

Implementation year:


Type of project:


Brief project description

This project consisted of organizing a series of festivals and primary photography exhibitions in six cities: Águas de Prata (Brazil), Hamburg (Germany), Cortona (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Olot (Spain) and Mansfield (United Kingdom). The project explored the concept of the flâneur (someone who strolls through the streets) in an urban daily reality, translated through the eyes of both young and recognized photographers, looking at the city in a different way, exposing a new vision of urban life. More than simple photographic "clichés", the project aimed to portray a different way of understanding urban space and its singularities through photographic exhibitions.

Each participating city was photographed by local artists as well as those from other places for 15 days under the common theme of “flâneur.” The result of the work - approximately 450 selected photos – was presented in public spaces of each city through an original exhibition system designed for this purpose. The flâneur events also included workshops, masterclasses and conferences whose aim was to promote open discussion and support the work developed by young, emerging creators.

Objectives and expected results:

The project aimed to increase cultural exchange between artists and to enhance the knowledge and skills of young photographers. Each photographer found, discovered and created his or her own imaginary city through their own unique photographic lens.

The project also aimed to encourage reflection on the dynamics of society and culture in the participating countries to share the creativity of flâneurs with a diverse public, and to encourage the dissemination of knowledge, culture and history through flânerie.

About the beneficiaries

A total of 97 young emerging photographers and young performers participated in 7 training sessions and 2 photographic performance actions and more than 19,000 people enjoyed viewing the work of the photographers.


“I love the photos. They truly mirror the experience that I had. I take the opportunity to once again thank the help of my fantastic guide during my experience.” Stephan

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