First African Circus Arts Festival

Project holder:

Fekat Circus Club  

Country of implementation:  


Implementation year:


Type of project:

Performance arts

Brief project description 

The First African Circus Arts Festival involves six of the most active circuses in Africa. Fifty young artists from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal and South Africa will meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to link, share, and highlight the continent’s cultural wealth and diversity. The Festival’s programme includes two days of performances and a one-day workshop with the participating circus teams. Apart from giving a vast audience the opportunity to attend a unique circus performance, the Festival will be an occasion for African circuses to exhibit their talent, gain visibility, exchange experiences, and acquire new tools to better develop and promote themselves. 

Objectives and expected results: 

The project aims to promote African circus culture within and outside of Africa and encourage regional cooperation through the circus. The young artists from the participating African countries, speaking different languages and coming from a broad diversity of different cultures, will come together to exchange ideas, experiences and art forms and stage their shows as part of a collective event.

About the beneficiaries 

A total of 107 African circus artists and managers participated in the project and engaged in workshops and meetings with the circus managers.  

During the 2-day Festival in Addis Ababa approximately 12, 000 spectators enjoyed the shows performed by Circus Debre Berhan from Ethiopia, Circus Zambia from Zambia, Fekat Circus from Ethiopia, ActionArte group from South-Africa, L’Aléa des Possible from Madagascar, Red Tomato from Egypt, Sarkasi from Keynia and Matthew Tempo from Zambia. Two concerts were also given by the Slum Drummers from Kenya and Matthew Tempo.


‘’This is beautiful step for circus…. We were there! It’s a new beginning for social circus, identity and diversity of a united Africa…’’ Virginie Lavenant

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