Cine a la Calle

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Cine a la Calle Fondation



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Brief project description

Cine a la Calle involves organizing filmmaking workshops for emerging Colombian filmmakers, as well as implementing film exhibitions and the 17th edition of the International Short Film Festival ‘Cine a la Calle’ in May 2017 in Barranquilla (Colombia). The young emerging filmmakers will be trained in filmmaking and film appreciation and will produce short films based on the theme of peacebuilding.  The short films produced in these workshops will be presented in public spaces and town squares during a series of exhibitions and also at the International Short Film Festival ‘Cine a la Calle’. At the end of the screenings, a network for filmmakers will be established in order to contribute to the promotion and circulation of the participants’ films.
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Objectives and expected results

The overarching objectives of this project are to support young artists and promote peace, social stability and cultural diversity in Barranquilla and in the Atlantic region of Colombia. In screening the short films and organizing post-screening discussions with local communities, this project aims to use film as a tool for social reconciliation and post-conflict recovery. Through the project activities, including promoting the participants’ films and developing a filmmakers’ network, this project supports the professionalization of approximately 90 young, emerging artists in the film sector from Barranquilla and the Atlantic Region of Colombia.