6th Salta international mime and clown festival

Project holder: 

Roberto Martín Escobar

Country of implementation: 


Implementation year:


Type of project:

Mime and Clown Festival

Brief project description

Conceived of as a space for families to meet, enjoy artistic expression and reflect on community life, the 6th edition of the Salta International Mime and Clown Festival included a wide variety of activities including performances, interactive workshops and seminars. Taking place in several cities across Argentina from 19 - 30 September 2015, the Salta International Mime and Clown Festival brought together 12 theatre groups to engage in more than 40 activities organized in a variety of spaces including town squares, prisons, schools, libraries, geriatric centers and rehabilitation centers. The IFPC notably supported a “Laboratory of Comedy Art” at the festival in which the theatre groups participated in 6 days of skill-building and exchange in the areas of mime and clown arts.

Objectives and expected results

Since its first edition in 2005, the festival has focused on supporting people in exercising their right to participate in the artistic and cultural life of society. Highlighting the role of culture as a tool of social transformation and as a fundamental human right, this project placed particular emphasis on encouraging art among young people living in conditions of vulnerability and poverty.  

About the beneficiaries

Creativity, innovation and cooperation were at the heart of the open dialogue among the participating theatre groups, all of whom were 18 – 32 years old. Gender equality was also a central focus, with the 12 theatre groups and the participants in the Laboratory of Comedy art succeeding in having equal numbers of women and men. Thousands of people in the general public including entire families, disabled and hospitalized children, their families and hospital staff, prisoners, the elderly and indigenous communities, all benefitted from the numerous theatrical presentations and theatre days organized in the framework of the 6th Salta International Mime and Clown Festival.

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