Projects co-financed

The IFPC is a fund which seeks to promote creativity and the arts, supporting the artistic expression and the professionalization of youth in culture and the arts. The Fund supports young artists and their projects which contribute to sustainable development.
In a snapshot:
  • The IFPC provides financial and technical support directly to artists by cofounding their projects;
  • The IFPC provides support for the production of artistic and cultural works and public events to promote cultural diversity and artistic expression, particularly for under-represented art forms on the global arts scene;
  • The IFPC promotes projects that advance the role of culture for sustainable development, with priority given to grassroot projects promoting gender equality, international and regional cooperation, peace and social stability.
Within this framework the IFPC launches annual calls for projects which are open to individual artists, not for profit and non-governmental organisation, as well as public institutions across the globe.
Four calls have been launched and 32 projects have been approved for co-financing. These projects were chosen for their artistic and creative content, their partnership and resource mobilization, and their potential for sustainable impact:
► Projects approved for co-financing under the 2016 call:
Projects approved for co-financing under the 2015 call:
Performance Art for Youth: Artists' collaborator project and youth art festival – Kenya, United Republic of Tanzania, Bulgaria
Introduction of young talented writers into a digital publishing industry – The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
ANDIMATION – Denmark, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
Cine a la Calle – Colombia
► Projects co-financed under the 2014 call:
Badilisha Poetry X-change: production of 80 podcasts featuring African poetry – Botswana, Ethiopia, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania
Flâneur: a fresh photographic look about urban culture nowadays– Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain
► Projects co-financed under the 2013 call:
Cap Town Carnival Trust – South Africa
Filming the Other – Bosnia and Herzegovina
I can move – Palestine
Coaching Court 2014 – Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Guinea
Window to Diversity– Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia, Spain

IFPC Activity Report

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