A total of six toolboxes to use. Each toolbox explains a stage in the planning process. The outputs of each toolbox contribute to the development of the ICT in Education Policy and/or Masterplan.

  • Toolbox 1 and Toolbox 2 help produce an ICT in Education policy document.
  • Toolbox 3, Toolbox 4 and Toolbox 5 prepare the details needed in the ICT in Education Masterplan.
  • Toolbox 6 shows how to conduct consultation meetings, proceed with the approval process and launch the masterplan.


Click here to see difference between a policy document and masterplan.

What is a Policy?

A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. The term may apply to government, private sector organizations and groups, as well as individuals. Presidential executive orders, corporate privacy policies, and parliamentary rules of order are all examples of policy. Policy merely guides actions toward those that are most likely to achieve a desired outcome.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Policy

What is a Masterplan?

A master plan is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. Master plans can be used to develop a phasing and implementation schedule and identify priorities for action, and act as a framework for attracting investments from donors and private sector.

Source: https://urban-regeneration.worldbank.org/node/51

TOOLBOX 1: Administer policy planning and make regulatory decisions

This toolbox manages the initial steps to the planning process. You will determine the
composition of the planning committees and define the planning parameters — duration, scope,
guiding principles and alignment of the masterplan.

1 .1: Setup Planning Committee
1.2: Policy Decision on Duration, Regulatory Frameworks, Scope and Alignment

TOOLBOX 2: Analyze ICT vis-a-vis education and learning needs

This toolbox emphasizes the importance of identifying ICT interventions based on the needs of the education sector. You will prepare a needs assessment report and determine the vision, goals, objectives and programme areas of the masterplan.

2.1: Identify Education Problems and Assess ICT Potentials Accordingly
2.2: Design Theory of Change, Analyse Gaps Between ICT Readiness and Strategic Objectives

TOOLBOX 3: Design work plans of ICT in Education programmes

This toolbox wants you to design the implementation details of the masterplan. You will identify the main activities, expected results, targets, indicators, main agency and partners, and implementation schedule.

3.1: Plan Expected Results, Indicators, Time-Binding Targets, Implementing Agencies and Main Activities
3.2: Synergize Cross-Programme Projects/ Activities, Setting up an ICT in Education Agency

TOOLBOX 4: Estimate cost of programmes and plan budget sources

This toolbox introduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a framework for making budget estimates. You will review existing funds and identify new funding sources for the masterplan.

4.1: Make Programme-Based Cost Estimates, Audit Existing Funds, Indicate Funding Sources
4.2: Conduct Feasibility Study and Adjust Time-Binding Targets

TOOLBOX 5: Deliberate cross-programme implementation strategies and foster innovation

This toolbox demands from you to come up with effective implementation strategies including strategies to foster and promote innovation. You will draw strategies to ensure effective implementation including the production of evidence-based practice.

5.1: Plan Strategies, Mechanisms and Measures to Ensure Effective Implementation
5.2: Plan Strategy for Production and Sharing of Evidence Based and Promote Innovations

TOOLBOX 6: Plan consultations, endorsement and launching

This toolbox ensures the masterplan gets approved by the government and supported by the majority of stakeholders. It gives a reminder to organize a policy review and policy update to ensure the masterplan remains relevant. You will develop work plans for the consultation meetings, approval process, launching event for the masterplan, and policy review.

6.1: Make a Consultation Plan, and Revise Policy and Masterplan Based on Feedbacks
6.2: Plan for the Endorsement, Launching, Policy Review and Update

Downloading & Printing

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