Review feasibility of the masterplan

Review the total funding requirements for all programme areas.

How to assess if required funding for the masterplan is not feasible? First, compare it to the previous ICT budget of the ministry. Second, compare it to the total budget of the ministry. If the required funding does not seem feasible, make some adjustments.

Here are some options to consider: i) Lower targets (e.g reduce number of schools or number of equipment); ii) Remove some programme areas that are lesser in priority or can be delayed in the next masterplan; iii) Get commitment from education officials they would support the budget of the masterplan; and iv) Get commitment Page 4 of 5 from donors and other funding sources (e.g. NGOs and private sector).


Review and revise outputs from Toolbox 4.1 based on the discussions from Toolbox 4.2 (open template);

Conduct Feasibility Study and Adjust Time-Binding Targets
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