Toolbox 3.1: Plan Expected Results, Indicators, Time-Binding Targets, Implementing Agencies and Main Activities

This tool uses again the Theory of Change. First, establish the expected results or 'desired change' for each programme area. Then work backwards by identifying the 'missing middle’. These are the main activities, implementing agencies and partners, and timeline for each programme area.

Expected results, targets and indicators

Discuss the main programme areas (developed in Toolbox 2.2) one-by-one and answer the following questions:

  • What are the expected results for each programme area?
  • What is the target for each programme area?
  • What indicators can be used to measure achievement?

Main activities

List the main activities for each programme area. The implementation of each activity should contribute to the achievement of the expected results of the programme area.

Implementing agencies and partners

Identify the lead implementing unit or agency for each programme area. This is important as it assigns who will be accountable for implementation and coordination of each programme area.
For each programme area, identify who will be involved in the implementation of the activities. This will help the implementing unit or agency who will be their implementation partners.


For each programme area, use Gantt chart to develop the timeline of the activities. Decide whether to use annual, bi-annual (every six months) or quarterly breakdown. This will be useful to track implementation progress.


  1. Invite potential implementation partners to participate in the planning meeting. The Planning has two options:
    • Option 1: Discuss and decide as one big group. This avoids duplication of activities and activities will have better coordination.
    • Option 2: Divide into several groups. Each group will be responsible for one programme area. Discussion is faster but plenary session is necessary at the end to ensure coordination and avoid duplication.
  2. Use the template to answer for each programme area.

Plan Expected Results, Indicators, Time-Binding Targets, Implementing Agencies and Main Activities
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