The 4th edition of the ICT Education survey and the 2nd edition of the ICT Kids Online Brazil survey – which we have the pleasure to present – reflects the time in which we live. The increasing effects of phenomena such as social networking sites on the Internet and the irreversible trend of mobility in Internet access are incontestable. Advances in the use of devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, which have become part of everyday life for a considerable portion of children, as well as for teachers working in Elementary and Secondary Education, demonstrate this fact. The spread of social networking sites intensifies the discussion on the opportunities and risks of Internet use by young people, giving rise to new debates such as the issue of consumption of and exposure to advertising on the Internet. These and other topics are highlights of these surveys conducted by the Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society (

The reading of the results and analyses available in this publication provides a wide radiography of ICT access and use in Brazilian schools and by our children, and also constitutes an input for the discussion of agendas for public policies to promote the pedagogical use of ICTs; teacher training; development of competencies and skills for the proficient use of new technologies; critical use of technology by children; and above all, issues related to online protection of children.