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In Touch at the National Theatre - Credit Patrick Baldwin

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2017

In Touch.

The touch that changes a life

The theatrical performance 'In Touch' is co-produced by the Inclusion Theatre Company (Russia) and the State Theatre of Nations (Russia), in association with the Graeae Theatre Company (UK), The British Council (UK) and the National Theatre (UK).

In Touch captures the real stories of deaf-blind, blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard-of-hearing, sighted and hearing people, told through an eclectic style of spoken, signed and physical theatre. The show explores the emotional rollercoaster of being human, how we each navigate our lives and what happens when these two very different worlds collide and unite.

In Touch is part of a long-term programme between the Inclusion Theatre Company and the State Theatre of Nations, using the arts to connect deaf-blind, sighted and hearing people through professional theatre, common humanitarian actions and cultural projects.  The original production, Touch-Ables, based on the real stories of the actors and their interactions with the world and the diaries of a deaf-blind woman from twentieth-century Russia, had its premiere in Russia in 2015. The play was shown at leading venues in Moscow and St Petersburg, and was nominated for the prestigious Russian ‘Golden Mask’ theatre award. After 2 years of succesful life in Russia the play  has been changed as it has changed the lives of the deafblind actors and their visibility in Russia. In the new international version called In Touch, deaf-blind and hearing and sighted actors from Russia, France and the UK will share their stories. In the theatrical performance at UNESCO in Paris, the miraculous story of Marie Huertin, a French deaf-blind woman from the past, and the inspirational life of a Russian deaf-blind professor from the present will be told by two well-known actors.


  • Written by Ms Marina Krapivina
  • Directed by Mr Ruslan Malikov
  • Associate Direction by Ms Jenny Sealey
  • Choreography by Ms Alexandra Rudik
  • Stage design by Ms Ekaterina Dzhagarova
  • French version edited by Mr Adrien Violleau
  • Music by Anneya Pashinskaya  and  Mikhail Myasoedov
  • Produced by Ms Viktoria Violleau-Avdeeva


Actors: Amelie Armand, Raji Gopalakrishnan, Sally McNeil, Jonathan Bex, Ekaterina SAKHNO, Alyona Kapustyan, Irina Povolotskaya, Alexey Gorelov, Alexander Silianov, Vera Lyzhenkova, Kirill Byrkin, Roman Evdokimov, Yulia Khamitova, Olga Lapshina, Estelle Aubriot, Chulpan Khamatova, Jane Constance.