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Horyou is the social network for social good. Its users take a humanistic approach to technology to promote social good through quality content and meaningful interaction. Horyou facilitates the transformation of ideas into concrete actions, while building constructive relationships between the online and offline worlds.

Horyou aims to create a balance between the online and offline worlds where social interaction can facilitate the process of transforming ideas into concrete actions.

Our contribution to social networking is to offer a platform that can be used as a practical tool to discover, identify, showcase, create and learn about positive opportunities for social interaction, globally and for the creation of global citizens.


SIGEF is an annual international event that gathers non-profit organizations, international speakers, social entrepreneurs and the general public in Geneva, Switzerland, for three days of dialogue and interaction. It features plenary sessions, cultural events and networking opportunities, as well as NGO and project showcases. SIGEF is one of Horyou’s main actions to promote a connection between the offline and online world.

SIGEF is the meeting point of worldwide promoters of social good and focuses on proposing effective solutions to shaping better times to come. 


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