Raising awareness on climate change and risks

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The Associated Schools Network in Egypt is implementing a project called "Raising awareness of ASPnet and UNESCO club students on ethical principles in relation to climate change and risks".

  • The project is divided into four stages:
  • Training courses for the trainers (educators and officials)
  • training course for students through video conferencing.
  • Plants and trees grown by students, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment.
  • The involvement of civil society, through a workshop to increase individual awareness of the climate change dangers and global warming.


Purpose and objectives :

  • Adopt national policies to meet the challenges on risks of climate change dangers and global warming.
  • Stand on the latest scientific developments in this field
  • Education on the ethics of freshwater use and precautionary measures
  • Responsibility towards young people secures and supports the interests of future generations to avoid risks
  • Empower young people by involving them in the development of policies and decision-making, projects and youth initiatives
  • Study of the social impacts of climate change and to address the challenges, expand the scientific knowledge base using data and information related to climate change, as well as to promote the exchange of expertise and sharing of good practices
  • Enable  youth to take into account the environment in their daily lives in order to become a way of life and increase awareness of friendly environment ethics and as a societal trend for preserving the environment
  • Nature Conservation and resist the effects of climate change and environmental pollution
  • Sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of its cultural character, with a focus on the participation of young people and the communities in it
  • The launch of planting trees to preserve the green mass and expand to ward off the dangers of climate change due to pollution in the areas surrounding us
  • Draw the attention of the street and the media and public opinion to the issues related to the dangers of climate change and pollution in Egypt and highlight the disasters that afflict people
  • Participation of civil society and individuals to increase awareness of the dangers of climate change and global warming


Benefits, major results obtained and impact of the project:

This experience urges youth because they keep in mind the environment in their daily lives, and in the end it becomes a way of life. It also promotes radical change which can be applied by means and options that we offer, and transplant awareness of ethics and environment-friendly in the hearts of young people, in order to become part of the societal trend to preserve the environment. Participation of civil society and individuals increases awareness of the dangers of climate change and global warming.


The partners

  • Specialists from various ministries and agencies
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Environmental Affairs
  • NGOs
  • UNESCO clubs in schools
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Irrigation
Climate Change
Forests and Desertification
Level of education: 
Secondary education
Higher education