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O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh (CG) India strives to ensure students are aware of environmental issues. The school regularly conducts a wide range of activities related to environmental protection, responsible consumption and ecological awareness.

Green and Clean School

The project "Green school" aims to educate a generation of global citizens. Ecological sustainability is a mainstay within its curriculum. It provides an inspiring educational environment. It also promotes and acknowledges the importance of water conservation. Green schools inspires our children to plant the seeds of life and nurture positivity. The environmental service learning program helps to improve student’s academic performance in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. This creates awareness amongst the students so they can then think about their surroundings and initiate new ways of environmental conciousness.
The Green School project involves different activities all along the year; below are just a few examples.

Special Assembly

A special assembly was conducted by the OPJS teachers in Abbey Grange Academy Church of England, Leeds, UK, in the framework of the Green School project. This assembly generated awareness among the students and the message was given through speeches, posters etc.

A step to protect our environment:

Preparation of Green Bags

Green bags have removed the non-biodegradable waste and contributed towards environmental protection. It helped to promote their reuse and recycling at the end of their function.

Students have extended efforts to help the environment and tried to make people aware by replacing plastic grocery bags, which have become a cause of environmental waste and destruction. It educates people about the dangerous effects that plastic produces. This then provides a solution to some of the pressing issues plaguing the environment. It encourages the participation with their partner countries to exchange green bags and creates awareness on a huge scale. It tries to decrease the amount of waste produced by using the eco-friendly green bags.

Consumer Awareness

A visit to the consumer forum was organized to create awareness among the students regarding the role played by consumer forums for protecting the consumer from the malpractices of traders. As a part of this, a group of students along with teachers visited the Consumer forum, Raigarh. We had an interaction with the President/Judge and two members of the forum who explained the procedure for filing case in consumer forum and also answered many queries asked by the students. As a result, many students resolved to be more aware of their rights and duties as consumers.

Migratory Birds

The students were taken to the ground as a part of field learning activity where they were shown Migratory Birds. The 'Cattle Egret' was in the playground and other areas of the school. The students very closely observed the free-ranging birds. 'The Cattle Egret' [Bubulcus ibis] was seen these days in the campus of the school.

The students have learned that there are two different species of these birds:
1) The non-breeding ones have white plumage yellow legs & a yellow bill.
2) The breeding ones have brown-ish orange heads of necks.

The students also learned the feeding habits of the birds that were seen. Feeding on insects, they forage around the grazing cattle and hence got the name 'The Cattle Egret'.

O.P. Jindal School is part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) that provides a strong framework to promote Global Citizenship, through flagship projects, school partnerships, the sharing of good practices and ideas as well as countless other activities carried out at the school, national, regional and international level.

ASPnet in Action: Global Citizens connected for Sustainable Development is an online collaborative platform dedicated to enhancing information and knowledge sharing among the UNESCO Associated Schools Network around the world. It aims to encourage interactive networking and participation of ASPnet teachers, students and experts to connect with their peers by exchanging about school-based initiatives and learning from their respective experiences.

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