Encouraging positive behavior for the protection of the beach

For coastal areas, water quality, safety and access for all: the Blue Flag Programme, created by the Foundation for Environmental Education, represents a serious and profound commitment to both people and the environment. Central to the aims of the Blue Flag Programme is connecting the public with their surroundings and encouraging them to learn more about their environment. As such, environmental education activities must be offered and promoted in addition to a permanent display of information relevant to the site in terms of biodiversity, ecosystems and environmental phenomena.


In Turkey, the Foundation for Environmental Education has developed the « Youth Beach Guard » initiative in order to raise awareness on the need to protect beaches.

For seven days throughout the season, an information stand is built in the middle of the beach. Volunteers wearing uniforms which identify them (tee-shirts, hats) walk in groups and encourage positive behavior on the beach, such as using recycling bins and ashtrays. One group asks the beach users to fill in questionnaires; another evaluates the cleanliness of the beach twice per day for one week or a whole season, including everyday use of the beach.

Games for children and voluntary beach cleaning are also organized. Children are given red and green pieces of cardboard and asked to raise the red ones when they see someone littering and the green when seeing somebody picking up litter. Participants of these activities may be given a small gift.

Tee-shirts, hats, beach ashtrays, gloves, beach stand, project brochures, red and green cardboard, questionnaires, banners, gifts for volunteers (ice cream, balloons etc.) and a camera are used for this activity, which is then announced on the municipality and national organization’s websites. A press conference could also be organized at the end of the project.

This activity could also engage university students as volunteers.

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