Connecting Cultures

The Connecting Cultures Association was created in 2004 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the National Commission of the Sultanate of Oman for education, culture and science. The aim of this project is to encourage intercultural dialogue between young people from the Middle East with those from the West through visits and short trips, in order to fight prejudice about different cultures and facilitate their meeting.

The association organizes five-day hikes in the deserts and mountains of Oman to introduce Middle Eastern and Western young people. Three meetings are organized each year. During these meetings, the young participants talk between themselves without any recourse to modern technology. This experience in the desert is unique, as this space is deprived of cultural influences, thus allowing the young people to learn a new culture. In the context of these meetings, the participants discuss their cultures and try to answer the following questions: how can culture be misunderstood by others? What can young people do to limit this misunderstanding? What are the causes of extremist behavior? What are the solutions for this behavior?

The project is aimed at young people between 17 and 24 years. UNESCO supports Connecting Cultures within the framework of the “The Power of Peace Network”.

Main educational actions :

  • Classes given with the not-for-profit organization Outward Bound Oman/Tahaddi
  • Experimental learning through intercultural hikes
  • Exploration of the similarities and differences between cultures to deconstruct stereotypes.


More information :

- Connecting Cultures




Education for Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman (PDF)




Contact :

PO Box 748

Madinat Qaboos 115

Sultanate of Oman

Cultural Diversity
Forests and Desertification
Global Citizenship
Knowledge Transmission
Level of education: 
Wider public
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