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Are you a student who has witnessed new educational practices in sustainable development and want to share? Or do you simply want to educate your fellow citizens to sustainable development?

Then join the Youth Video Competition !

2016 applications are closed.


The Salon Youth Video Competition was established in 2014 by Salon Films, with the support of UNESCO, to promote and encourage the next generation to take part in the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century, sustainable development. 

The aims of the Contest

- Share and exchange experiences of those who have worked or are working on education for sustainable development

- Encourage education on sustainable development

- Show the many facets of education for sustainable development and demonstrate its importance as a driving force for social change

- Promote positive practices and encourage new initiatives in education for sustainable development

The Challenge

To make a 4 minutes short video that explains a sustainable development challenge globally or through one avenue such as recycling, fresh water management, etc.

Who can participate ?

Students around the world can participate in the contest. Your videos must be nominated by your university and each university may nominate a maximum of three videos.

The theme

The aspects involved in Sustainable Development are one of the major challenges of this century. Technological solutions, government policies or financial incentives will not suffice. It requires above all a change in the way we act and think… only education can take us there. UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS is a positive step in creating a conversation around this topic while encouraging action and change. 

Education for sustainable development plays a crucial role in the goal of creating a sustainable future. Its very purpose is to enable us to meet the current and future global challenges in a constructive and creative way to build more enduring sustainable societies. The international community is aware of this and in 2002 they launched the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), in order to put the issues of sustainable development at the center of international issues.

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations. Sustainable development is a vision of development that encompasses respect for all life—human and non-human—and natural resources, as well as integrating concerns such as poverty reduction, gender equality, human rights, education for all, health, human security and intercultural dialogue..

What is education for sustainable development?

Education for sustainable development aims to help people to develop the attitudes, skills, perspectives and knowledge to make informed decisions and act upon them for the benefit of themselves and others, now and in the future. ESD helps the citizens of the world to learn their way to a more sustainable future.

The topics of sustainable development:
- Biodiversity
- Climate Change Education
- Disaster Risk Reduction
- Sustainable Lifestyles
- Water
- Poverty Reduction
- Gender Equality
- Cultural Diversity
- Promoting Health

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