The Exhibition

UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS: Pathfinders for Change started as a traveling exhibition to display Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) good practices. UNESCO launched the UNESCO Green Citizens initiative, to shift the spotlight on women and men around the world - pathfinders for change - who have launched remarkable projects in ESD to build a better future, in partnership with photo agency SIPA Press and the Klorane Botanical Foundation.

The exhibition, through portraits and documentaries, pays tribute to people who give life to educational projects for sustainable development worldwide and help us move towards fairer and more inclusive green societies. It reveals the talent and determination of people rising to the challenge of making the right choices for a sustainable world. Twenty-five pathfinders for change for sustainable development share their stories on the UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS website, demonstrating that everyone can become a citizen of the planet. The exhibition aims to encourage society, and youth in particular, to be inspired by this momentum and to take action in conveying new practices to guarantee a sustainable future.

The exhibition debuted at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, in October 2015 and was subsequently presented on board the COP21 Climate Train in France in December 2015. The exhibition then travelled to the UN Headquarters in New York from February to April 2016 and to the UN Office in Geneva from June to September 2016. During COP22 in November 2016, it was presented at the Marrakech Menara airport and subsequently at four other Moroccan airports until March 2017. The exhibition in the Moroccan airports alone attracted some 2 million visitors. Future exhibits in other parts of the world are currently being planned for 2017 and 2018.




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