Xueli Abbing

Xueli Abbing, a dutch model, was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against Racism and Discrimination in June 2022. 

Born in China, Xueli Abbing was abandoned by her parents because of her albinism. She was adopted at the estimated age of 3 and grew up in the Netherlands with her mother and sister. Her unique beauty led Xueli to the modeling industry at the age of 11.

There she found a platform to celebrate differences, raise awareness of albinism and inspire others to embrace their natural beauty. 


Since then, she has been featured in several press outlets (Vogue, BBC) and has worked with some of the world's top photographers and brands in the fashion industry. 

Xueli Abbing has also participated as a panelist in an Oxford University lecture series on inclusion, and in several Dutch television programs, including one aimed at raising awareness of albinism among young people.


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