Rossy de Palma

The Spanish actress Rossy de Palma was designated Goodwill Ambassador for Cultural Diversity in October 2022, in the light of her commitment to creativity, diversity of cultural expression and the bringing together of people in their common humanity

Actor, model, singer and visual artist, Rossy de Palma made a name for herself through her roles in the films of Pedro Almodóvar and went on to work with other directors among them Robert Altman, Mike Figgis, Terry Gilliam and Patrice Leconte. In May 2022, she chaired the Caméra d’or jury at the Cannes Film Festival. 

From the very beginning, Rossy de Palma has been known for her outspokenness, her rejection of fatalism and for taking a stand. She denounces the tyranny of the gaze of others, to which she had been subjected since childhood, and which often stigmatizes difference. As UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, she will focus on defending the status of the artist, enhancing indigenous peoples’ cultures and promoting gender equality in the cultural sector.

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