UNESCO Champion for Girls’ and Women’s Education

Nadia Nadim was designated as UNESCO Champion for Girls’ and Women’s Education in 2019 in light of her role in promoting sport and gender equality, her contribution to UNESCO’s educational action in favour of young people, advocacy for girls and women’s education and support for the Organization’s action worldwide. 
Born on 2 January 1988 in Herat, Afghanistan, Nadia Nadim and her family sought refuge in Denmark after the execution of her father, an Afghan National Army (ANA) general by the Taliban in 2000. She then began her football career, playing for B52 Aalborg football Club. After playing with a few clubs in Denmark and then in the United-States, she joined Manchester City in 2018 and plays currently as striker for the women’s Paris Saint-Germain team. Moreover, she has played within the national team of Denmark since 2009 and has obtained the Danish nationality since 2008. 
In 2018, she published a book called My Story. While pursuing her career in football, she is currently a student of medicine at the University of Aarhus (Denmark). 

Designated UNESCO Champion for Girls' and Women's Education in 2019, she spoke about her role with the Organization:

"For me, education is important. If you want to change something in the world, it is with education. That's the reason (for her involvement with UNESCO). They are doing a fantastic job. There are many children who can't study or go to school. I hope this will change because if you want to change something, it will be with school."