Luigi Toscano, photographer and film director, has been designated UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2021. 

Since 2015, following a visit to the Auschwitz camp that deeply moved him, Luigi Toscano has dedicated himself to the Holocaust remembrance. He has photographed 400 survivors and victims of Nazi persecution in the United States, Germany, Russia, Israel, Belarus, Austria and the Netherlands. With these pictures, he created the exhibition "Gegen das Vergessen - Lest we forget - N'oublions pas" and made a documentary film which got nominated with 6 other films out of 350 for the German Human Rights Film Award 2020. 


The same year, Luigi Toscano received from Kamala Harris, then Senator of California, an official "Certificate of Recognition" in recognition of his exhibition Lest we Forget and his artistic contribution to Holocaust Memorial Day.

This exhibition has been presented in 17 cities, including New York (UN), Geneva (UN), Washington-DC, Berlin, Vienna (where photos were torn down or tagged with swastikas in 2019), Brussels, Kiev. It traveled to UNESCO headquarters in Paris as part of the commemoration of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust on 27 January 2021. 


Luigi Toscano's activities with UNESCO :