Beate and Serge KLARSFELD

UNESCO Honorary Ambassadors for Education about History of Holocaust and genocide prevention. 

Emblematic figures of the movement towards the recognition of the Holocaust, Beate and Serge Klarsfeld were appointed UNESCO Honorary Ambassadors and Special Envoys for Education about the History of Holocaust and Genocide Prevention in October 2015. 
This title was bestowed upon them in light of their unwavering commitment to justice and truth, their fight for the dignity of the Jewish victims of Nazism, particularly through the Association of the Sons and Daughters of Deported French Jews. 
In their capacity as UNESCO Honorary Ambassadors and Special Envoys, Mr and Ms Klarsfeld contributed to the success of the International Day of the Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of Holocaust, held annually on 27 January. Through their interventions at United Nations Headquarters or UNESCO, they draw public attention to the legacy of the Holocaust and other mass atrocities perpetrated throughout history.