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Global Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Instruments (GO-SPIN)


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What is GO-SPIN?

GO-SPIN is a methodological tool to map national science, technology and innovation (STI) landscapes and analyse STI policies and their implementation. The open-access platform offers innovative databases with powerful graphic and analytical tools for the use of decision-makers, parliamentarians, universities, knowledge brokers, companies, specialists and the general public, with a complete set of diverse information on STI policies.

  • Description of research and innovation landscapes;
  • Historical background and evolution of STI policies;
  • Description of STI policy cycles;
  • Inventory of contents of STI policies;
  • Four level description (STI policy design, STI promotion, STI implementation and STI assessment) of the STI organization chart with corresponding flows of information and funds;
  • Inventory of STI national organizations;
  • Inventory of STI legal frameworks, with texts of STI laws, decrees, international agreements, etc.;
  • Inventory of STI operational policy instruments;
  • Inventory of institutions and firms that generate innovation activities;
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of research and innovation systems;
  • Statistical module with temporal series of indicators and data correlations; and
  • Digital library of UNESCO STI documents over the last six decades.

A prototype of GO-SPIN, the Latin American-Science Policy Information Network (SPIN), is already operational. It covers Latin America and the Caribbean and is regularly updated with information on the STI systems of the 33 countries in the region.

Why participate in GO-SPIN?

  • To improve evidence-based decision making, STI policies design, review, implementation and evaluation;
  • To have access to key information on STI policies and policy instruments, to identify gaps in policy instruments for implementation;
  • To allow comparisons with other countries’ STI systems performance, to follow STI indicators’ evolution in time; and
  • To enhance policy coordination and cooperation among ministries, academia, civil society and private sector.

The strategy of the GO-SPIN programme is four-fold:


  • Standard practice for surveys on STI policies and policy instruments (Paris Manual).

Data collection

  • Worldwide distribution of the GO-SPIN national surveys.

GO-SPIN platform

  • Creation of an online, open access platform for decision-makers, knowledge- brokers, specialists and general-public with a complete set of various information on STI policies.

The six dimensions of the programme

GO-SPIN: 6 Dimensions of the Programme


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