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Internet Governance Glossary


7.1.1 United Nations / UN

The UN (established 1945) together with many of its specialized agencies is forming a system of intergovernmental organizations with all kinds of sub-organizations/institutions which to some degree are all involved in Internet governance activities.


7.1.11 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe / UNECE

UNECE was established 1947 as a UN institution to encouraging economic cooperation among its member states.


7.1.16 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia / UNESCWA

The Economic Commission for Western Asia (ECWA) was established on 9 August 1973 pursuant to the Economic and Social Council’s resolution 1818 (LV). The purpose of setting up the Commission was to raise the level of economic activity in member countries and strengthen cooperation among them.

The Commission was entrusted with new responsibilities in the social field by virtue of Economic and Social Council resolution 69/1985 of July 1985. Its name therefore become the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).