Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2018

Events around the Globe

We invite stakeholders around the world to organize online/offline local events or activities related to MIL in their community or region, taking place around the period of Global MIL Week in October/November 2018. What can you do to promote MIL? How can you make MIL happen where you live, study or work?

Celebrate with us! Tell us how and where you promote MIL. Showcase your MIL event on our map!

Not sure what to organize? Check out how to celebrate Global MIL Week!

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Who are the stakeholders?

The purpose of Global MIL Week is to promote MIL connections across cultures, peoples, educational institutions, organizations, policies, professions, initiatives and nations. These include intergovernmental organizations, education institutions, technological intermediaries, development organizations, associations, NGOs, research groups, educators, media professionals, library and information professionals, policy makers, regulators, and practitioners around the globe.

New stakeholders to be involved in this year’s Global MIL Week shall include city officials, networks of mayors, smart cities, and creative cities, associations of election officials, voter education associations and knowledge networks, youth organizations, museums, archives, social media companies and influencers, as well as stakeholders of city planning, security, entertainment, health, transportation, and housing.

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