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Global MIL Week 2019 Feature Conference

Paul A Guzzardo

GMLP Officer - Geddes Fellow, Gateway Media Literacy Partners (GMLP) and the Geddes Institute for Urban Research - University of Dundee

Guzzardo’s research examines the role of architects and urban designers in our “digitized culture.” His activist Media Information Literacy praxis includes: nightclubs, outdoor multimedia projections, street-front media-labs, street theatre, remix concerts, gallery installations, documentary films, litigation, and architectural-urban design workshops. He looks to the street as the stage to probe how we're being changed by information technologies. He uses the street as a platform to assemble “networks” to critique the network,  “A Recursive Urbanism.”  In November, Guzzardo will be presenting a paper and installing an exhibition on “Recursive Urbanism” at the International Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference in Dundee, Scotland.