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Global MIL Week 2019 Feature Conference

Jesus Lau

Professor, Universidad Veracruzana

A leader and spokesperson for information literacy, currently is a Professor at Universidad Veracruzana, with: Law Degree, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico; Master´s Degree in Library Science, Denver University, USA; and Ph.D. in Information Science, Sheffield University, England.  Author of more than 200 papers and articles and 20 monographs, including: IFLA Information Literacy Guidelines (12 languages), and author/researcher of UNESCO MIL Global Assessment Framework, among other UNESCO publications.  Recipient of numerous awards, such as BRLA Librarian of the Year (USA), and FIL-Guadalalara Librarian of the Year; IFLA Medal; the SLA Cotton Dana award  (USA); and the UNESCO Global MIL Award.