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Global MIL Week 2017

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Presentations by sessions

Plenary Session 1 – MIL as a defense against misinformation, false news, disaster risk reduction and management

Wilfried Runde

Parallel Session 1a – Special Session (UNESCO and the Caribbean School of Media and Communication (CARIMAC)): Multi-stakeholder Consultation on UNESCO project Defining Internet Indicators

Hopeton Dunn, Alton Grizzle, Marcus Leaning

Parallel Session 1b – MIL as a tool for gender equality and advocacy in information environments

Hilary Nicholson

Parallel Session 1c – MIL for journalists’ safety, freedom of information, freedom of expression and to build trust in journalism

Roslyn Kratochvil-Moore, José Luis Saca Jiménez, Jamal Eddine Naji

Plenary Session 2 – Resetting MIL in the present information and media landscape

Zhang Kai, Meri Seistola

Parallel Session 2a – Stimulating critical civic engagement in sustainable development and democracy through MIL empowerment

Irina Zhilavskaya, Tina Berezhnaya, Vannie Kouamou Djounguep

Parallel Session 2b – The potential of media and libraries and technological intermediaries to support MIL

David Drysdale, Jill Chisnell, Linda Sternö, Maylin Bojórquez

Parallel Session 2c – MIL for social inclusion, dialogue, and development (culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, and capabilities)
Plenary Session 3 – GAPMIL and MILID Network Information Session

Alexandre Le Voci

Plenary Session 4 – Better Internet experiences through MIL (opportunities for learning, engagement, and advocacy; respect for privacy, cyber security and safety)

Gabriella Thinsz, Monowara Begum Moni

Plenary Session 5 – Special Session (UWI Department of Library and Information Services, IFLA and UNESCO): Libraries, Development and the United Nations 2030 Agenda

Katy Manck

Parallel Session 3a – MIL revolutionizing the learning process

Tatiana Murovana, Felipe Chibás Ortiz

Parallel Session 3b – MIL in media policies, enabling diversity and pluralism

Irene Andriopoulou, Dobrinka Peicheva and Lilia Raycheva (1), Dobrinka Peicheva and Lilia Raycheva (2)

Parallel Session 3c – MIL as platform supporting production and distribution of youth media and information

Eva Reina, Daniel Nwaeze

Parallel Session 3d – MIL in the workplace

Zhang Yanqiu, Julie Roberge, Daniela Cornelia Stix

Parallel Session 4a – Conceptualising MIL cities, MIL and popular culture (music)
Parallel Session 4b – MIL within the Caribbean

Daisy M. Hazzard, Kiran Maharaj

Parallel Session 4c – MIL and the different actors of information environments and situations of learning (formal and non-formal MIL education)

Anna Eriksson, Sherri Hope Culver, Slimane Aboulkacem

Plenary Session 6 – Incorporating MIL in education policies and other social policies and programmes

Monika Johansson and Tobias Ruhtenberg, Wang Tiande, Tatiana Murovana, Leo Pekkala