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Global MIL Week 2017

Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2017
Media and Information Literacy in Critical Times: Re-imagining Ways of Learning and Information Environments

The annual Global MIL Week activities and the feature conference are important opportunities for stakeholders globally to celebrate the progress achieved towards the process of "MIL for all". Global MIL Week also enables connections and sharing of creative projects, the latest research, new ideas, and information across countries and stakeholders involved in MIL, and in print, screen-based and digital media.


The sixth annual global celebration of Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week will take place from 25 October to 1 November, 2017. The Global MIL Week 2017 highlights include local and regional activities around the world as well as its feature event, namely the Seventh Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) Conference. The feature conference will be hosted by the University of the West Indies, and will take place from 24 to 27 October, 2017 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Media and information literacy (MIL) includes a set of competencies to search, critically evaluate, use and contribute information and media content wisely; knowledge of one’s rights online; understanding how to combat online hate speech and cyberbullying; understanding of the ethical issues surrounding the access and use of information; and engage with media and ICTs to promote equality, free expression, intercultural/interreligious dialogue, peace, etc. Read more about MIL

Message from Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO



Flyers: Low-cost Ways for Media (English, French, Spanish, Chinese), Libraries (English, French, Spanish, Chinese) and Schools (English, French, Spanish, Chinese) to Celebrate Global MIL Week 2017

10 ways to celebrate


Not sure how to be part of the Global MIL Week? We propose you 10 ways to celebrate.

Submit a paper or presentation


We invite all stakeholders across the world who are interested in participating in the feature conference to submit papers or presentation about MIL-related research, initiatives, programmes, policies and other types of work and new ideas.

Announce an MIL-related initiative


UNESCO is making efforts to create a database of worldwide MIL-related projects, initiatives and voluntary commitments. Register yours right now!

Join the GAPMIL


The GAPMIL is a groundbreaking effort to promote international cooperation to ensure that all citizens have access to MIL competencies. Currently, GAPMIL has over 500 members from over 80 countries.