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Global MIL Week 2016


“Everywhere, people are yearning to freely express themselves, to actively participate in governance processes and cultural exchanges. Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is a basis for enhancing access to information and knowledge, freedom of expression, and quality education.”

Jānis Kārkliņš, former Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information of UNESCO

About the Global MIL Week

The yearly Global MIL Week, initiated in 2012, is led by UNESCO in cooperation with GAPMIL, UNAOC and the Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) University Network. It unites diverse actors committed to promoting media and information literacy (MIL) as a way to foster social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

The Global MIL Week activities and conference are important opportunities for stakeholders globally, including members of GAPMIL and the International University MILID Network to meet and share the latest research, projects, new ideas and information with a diverse gathering of stakeholders involved in information and media literacy, and in print, screen-based and digital media.



Previous Editions

1. The First International Forum on Media and Information Literacy in Fez, Morocco 2011: Fez Declaration and creation of the MILID Network

2. First Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) week, Barcelona, Spain, 2012: Announcing Global Partnership for MIL

3. The second Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) week, Cairo, Egypt, 2013: Launch of the MILID Yearbook

4. The 2014 Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Week (MILID Week), Bejing, China: Global Alliance for Partnerships in MIL (GAPMIL)

5. Global MIL Week 2015, Philadelphia: Launch of the Global MIL Award


MIL Week objectives

  • Increase Media and Information Literacy (MIL) awareness around the world;
  • Promote diversity, pluralism, intercultural dialogue and equality;
  • Promote international cooperation on MIL;
  • Create a constructive spaces for knowledge sharing, research and debate;
  • Launch new projects.


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