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“Outstanding scenery of granite peaks and pillars surrounded by clouds and rainbows”


Celebrating Earth Heritage

Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the territory of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province of China in the Asian Pacific Region.

The natural beauty of Mount Sanqingshan also derives from the juxtaposition of its granite features with the mountain’s vegetation enhanced by meteorological conditions which create an ever-changing and arresting landscape.

Sanqingshan UNESCO Global Geopark is an exceptional and gorgeous mountain body of granite rocks located on the suture zone of palaeo-plates (Suzhou–Dexing Translithospheric Fracture Zone). With evolutionary records spanning over one billion years of the Earth’s geologic history, it encompasses numerous stratigraphic records of the Earth’s major geological events. The geological relics and landscapes, as well as other natural heritages are important components of these records, and together they form an exemplar segment for researching the Earth’s geological history and palaeo-plates.

Sustaining local Communities

Targeting teenagers and adults, experts and scholars were invited to write interpretation commentaries for popular sciences in a thematic DVD featuring video and a series of popular sciences readers of the UNESCO Global Geopark, including booklets of popular sciences, publicity pamphlets, tour maps and tour guidebooks. They have also built a new geological museum, installed and improved the geological interpretation signage system and shaped elite tour routes for geographical tourism and landscape sightseeing. Publicity and open seminars are also organized on the occasions of the World Earth Day and Popular Sciences Week to reach out to the high, junior and primary school students, and residents of the indigenous communities in the jurisdiction and visitors to the Geopark.


Related information

  • Global Geopark Network Designated Year: 2012
    Extended in 2019
  • UNESCO Global Geopark Designated Year: 2015
  • Localisation: N28°48'22'', E117°58'20''
  • Area: 229.5 km2
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