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UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp)


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National Geopark Committees

A number of countries are currently establishing or have established national committees responsible for coordinating Geoparks at national level and the submission of candidates for UNESCO Global Geopark designation.

Possible members of National Geopark Committees:

  • Governmental body in charge of relations with UNESCO;
  • UNESCO Global Geoparks;
  • National Geoparks;
  • National geological organization or survey;
  • National environmental/protected area organization;
  • National cultural heritage body;
  • National committee for IGCP;
  • Any additional members that may be relevant for the Committee
  • Coordinating Geopark initiatives and pre-selecting UNESCO Global Geopark candidates;

Its work at national level may consist of:

  • Identifying the geological heritage and raising public awareness of its importance;
  • Promoting  new UNESCO Global Geoparks projects, endorsing revalidations and extensions;
  • Observing the evaluation and revalidation missions in their country;
  • Presenting all UNESCO Global Geopark applications to the governmental body in charge of relations with UNESCO;
  • Assisting the withdrawal of a UNESCO Global Geopark;
  • Promoting international cooperation between UNESCO Global Geoparks;
  • Providing information about the global and regional Geopark networks;
  • Supporting the realization of actions for sustainable development.

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National Geopark Committees Contact

Austria Heinz Kollmann
Canada Godfrey S. Nowlan


Ms Xiaohong Yuan & Mr Zhiguang Zhang


Mr Igor Kreitmeyer (Chairperson) Ms Danijela Bokarica (Secretary and Focal Point for UNESCO Global Geoparks) - T: +385 1 4866 135 Ministry of Environment and Energy Directorate for Nature Protection


Martina Paskova


Dr. Jose Luis Sanchez (Coordinator a.i) National Commission for UNESCO of Ecuador (Secretary a.i)


Vesa Krokki


Jean Simon Pages


Dr. Gösta Hoffmann UNESCO Global Geoparks Unit at the German Commission for UNESCO


Nickolas Zouros


Safri Burhanuddin (Coordinator) Anton Setyo Nugroho (Secretary) Yunus Kusumahbrata (Expert Coordinator)


Kirstin Lemon


Aniello Aloia


Setsuya Nakada

Korea (Republic of):

Lee Gyu-Seong


Marike Bontenbal (Secretary of the Netherlands National Committee  on UNESCO Global Geoparks)


Kristin Rangnes


Setsuya Nakada


Ana Paula Santos,  National Commission for UNESCO


Russian Committee of the UNESCO International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme Oleg Petrov (Co-Chairmen) Mikhail Fedonkin (Co-Chairmen)


Gasper Hrastelj


Ana María Alonso Zarza, Director of the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España Email: Juana Vegas Salamanca, Head of the Geological and Mining Heritage Area of the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España Email:
United Kingdom Kirstin Lemon
Uruguay Nicolas Pons



Regional Geopark Networks

Asian UNESCO Global Geoparks: Asia Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN)
European UNESCO Global Geoparks: European Geoparks Network (EGN)
Latin American and Carribean UNESCO Global Geoparks: Latin American and Caribbean Geopark Network (LACGN)
African UNESCO Global Geoparks Network (AUGGN)